Find the best jobs in engineering. Period.

Find the best jobs in engineering. Period.

Talentpair is an AI driven platform that finds you exceptional opportunities and pairs you with an expert recruiting professional to help you in your job search.

What you want to know

4500 +

Number of hires since 2016


Most users pair with jobs in under 24 hours


Get hired in an average of 16 days

91 %

91% of users apply for their suggested jobs

You're buying, not selling

Quality Employers

Rigorous research into each company that is hiring.


Reveal your profile to ONLY companies that you're interested in.

Company Insights

Get the inside scoop on every company from financials to growth.

How Talentpair is different for engineers

Intelligent matching

Cut out the noise by viewing only the best jobs that match your skills and career aspirations. 

Intelligent Matching

Responsive behavior

Provide feedback on engineering roles to improve match quality. Don’t want to work in Angular anymore? Want to work more on the backend of the stack? Dislike the automotive industry? We have you covered.

Artificial Intelligence

Full transparency

Know exactly what stage you’re in with every opportunity in seconds. Stay in the loop with a dedicated recruiting partner at your side and get instant updates on your process.

Exclusive clients

Get access to America’s fastest growing tech companies, innovative startups, and tap into confidential and stealth opportunities.


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