Gabriel, is a seasoned professional with an impressive seven-year tenure in the recruiting industry, specializing as an expert within the Engineering field. Gabriel adeptly serves as a matchmaker for candidates and companies alike. His exceptional skill lies in cultivating enduring relationships with all he encounters, making him a true asset in his field.

“I am all about making quality relationships and I love being a match maker. I love when a candidate calls me after an interview and tells me they are blown away by a company while I also am getting an email from the company saying they are a perfect fit! Outside of the office I am a father and love spending my freetime playing disc golf and practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.” 


What are some tips you can give to people looking for jobs?

Create a straightforward resume that highlights your skill set and what industries you’re best in.  
Ask yourself, “What can you bring to an employer that makes you unique?” 


What are some tips you can give to companies looking to hire?

Set hiring expectations early and don’t change them. The candidate should know exactly how many interviews to expect.

What Companies make you really excited?

Anything in the realm of AI. I have been working with AI companies since I started and it is a fascinating space. I have helped companies hire AI and ML hires from Senior to C-Level and would love to continue doing so.


What are your strongest skills when it comes to being a Recruiter?

My strongest skill set is in finding the perfect candidate for a position and being a sharp shooter. Quality over quantity.

What is the biggest myth about recruiting you want to bust the bubble on?

The biggest myth in recruitment is that recruiters want to lowball you.  Recruiters want candidates to get paid as much as possible and to find their forever job.  

What is your biggest hope for the recruiting industry over the next 10 years

Owning your own data. The recruiting industry has a huge problem with people buying and selling data, big name job websites are charging companies for information that is given to them for free.

What is the hardest thing about recruiting? 

The hardest thing about recruiting is I can’t help everyone, sometimes I have outstanding candidates but I just don’t have the right role for them open when they are looking.