Meet Jeanne Orm

Sr. Product, Design and Marketing Recruiter

Meet Jeanne, a recruiting expert with an incredible sixteen years of experience under her belt. What truly fuels her passion is the ever-shifting terrain of the industry. The continuous changes sparks her curiosity and keep her diving into forever learning about her field of works Marketing, Product, Design and Analytics all while being a trailblazer in her industry.

“I’ve been recruiting at Quest Groups since 2007 and love learning about tech and it’s ecosystem. Because I’m a nerd and can’t seem to only do one thing at a time, I spend my spare time listening to podcasts, reading articles, and absorbing as much as I can about the latest technologies and newest trends in the space. Personally, I have three kids, two cats, and a dog. I spend as much time I can outside and feel most like myself in the woods by some form of fresh water.”


What are some tips you can give to people looking for jobs?

Keeping in mind where your career is today (and where you’ve come from), look at what you want to be doing in 5 or 10 years:

  • What role do you want to grow into?
  • What types of technologies do you want to work for?
  • Where does your passion lie?

Now, create a plan. Understand the growth and skills you’re going to need and look for opportunities that will get you closer to that end goal with every step.
And remember, “Be stubborn about your goals but flexible about your methods.”


What are some tips you can give to companies looking to hire?

Understand the holes in your organization and the gaps you need your hires to fill. Always prioritize intelligence and scrappiness over direct experience. The most successful companies don’t always have the first or best product in market, they have the best teams.

What companies make you really excited?

I want to work with every single AI player. From the hardware and infrastructure side through to the apps that are built on top of the major foundation models.

Some companies that come to mind are Cohere, OpenAI, Anthropic, but also the healthtech solutions like Abridge and PathIA.


What are your strongest skills when it comes to being a Recruiter?

I’m great at pattern recognition. How does this help me in recruiting?
I can understand what types of roles a candidate would be best-suited for and where they likely want to take their career. For a startup this means I am a great resource in determining what hires would be important as you transition from seed through scale.

What is the biggest myth about recruiting you want to bust the bubble on?

That we (Recruiters) are just in it to get the biggest fee. I take pride in finding the right matches for my candidates and hiring managers and want to see companies grow.

What is your biggest hope for the recruiting industry over the next 10 years

I know that recruiting will continue to become more and more automated through AI but I hope it’s not at the cost of the relationships that help identify the perfect matches.

What is the hardest thing about recruiting? 

It’s the same as my favorite part, you can never master a topic because it’s always evolving. So we’re always hustling to stay on top of the latest tech and market trends.