Meet Jessica Prough

Sr. Engineering Recruiter

Introducing Jessica, a seasoned veteran with seven years in recruiting, who thrives on the ever-changing nature of the industry and the continuous pursuit of learning. Her innate ability to forge deep connections with people, coupled with her experience, positions her as a specialist in the Engineering field of work.

“Wonder Mom of five πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ Football Coach and 2023 Football Flag Champion 🏈 Music Lover 🎢 Lead Technical Recruiter Scaling Startups one team at a time! πŸ”₯πŸ’₯ Engineering Unicorn Hunter πŸ¦„ Hiring software engineers at all levels! Diving deep in AI, LLM’s, NLP, Blockchain, Solidity, Frontend, Backend, Hardware, Embedded, Systems, DevOps Engineers and more!”


What are some tips you can give to people looking for jobs?

Make sure your resume properly represents what you have done in the past. Work with a Talentpair recruiter. They have your best interest in mind. We listen to what you are looking for and help to find the best match.
Companies are getting hundreds of candidates everyday. We only submit 5 – 10 resumes a week and companies trust we have vetted out our candidates. This gives you a competitive advantage.

Is there anything you want candidates to know?

Dress well for videos calls and research the companies you are interviewing with before you speak to them!


What are some tips you can give to companies looking to hire?

Make sure you know exactly what you are looking for and work with us. We are not in the business of spamming resumes. We take the time to vet out each candidate and get the top matches for your role. You save time and your inbox.

What companies make you really excited?

AI companies, Robotics companies, anything in Fintech, Blockchain, AR/VR, gaming and more. I really like them all. I love learning new things and new technologies.
I really like companies that are doing something impactful for humanity and has social impact. I am very open to Climate companies as well.


What are your strongest skills when it comes to being a Recruiter?

I am good at building relationships with candidates and companies. I take the time to know my candidates and what they really want. I also take the time to listen to what companies need and where their pain points are.

What is the biggest myth about recruiting you want to bust the bubble on?

That recruiting is easy. It is hard and you have to keep your nose to the grindstone.

What is your biggest hope for the recruiting industry over the next 10 years

To watch it grow and be able to have recruiters that actually care about a company and candidate not a paycheck.

What is the hardest thing about recruiting? 

The hardest thing about recruiting is avoiding burnout. not riding the highs too high and the lows too low.