Meet Kyle Cockell

Engineering Recruiter

Meet Kyle, who has two years of recruiting expertise under his belt. Kyle’s specialization lies in the field of Engineering. He excels as an advocate for both candidates and hiring managers. His commitment centers on showcasing the value that candidates bring to the table.

“Chicken father of four, ping pong office champion. You may know me by Kyle, but others call me King Pong. What motivates me is the understanding that I have the opportunity to assist individuals in not just securing a new role but also in supporting themselves and their families.”


What are some tips you can give to people looking for jobs?

Treat it as though you are in a sales role, where the product you are selling is yourself. Pinpoint what you want to do, what you are best at, and follow up with your recruiter. Keeping the recruiter in the loop for your other interviews can help them expedite the process or keep in inline with your other opportunities.

Is there anything you want candidates to know?

I think highlighting the importance of clear communications and what you truly want to do next is huge, and persistence is key.


What are some tips you can give to companies looking to hire?

Hire skills over direct experience. People love to learn and will do so if given the opportunity.

What companies make you really excited?

I am really excited about the security space, dev tools, and the advancement of infrastructure for AI tools.


What are your strongest skills when it comes to being a Recruiter?

I strive when I am working on niche, hard-to-fill positions. I find the satisfaction of finding the perfect candidate for a tough role to be rewarding and the perfect challenge for myself.
I am an advocate for your brand, whether you are a candidate or a hiring manager. I am here to exemplify your skills and what you do best!

What is the biggest myth about recruiting you want to bust the bubble on?

Bad actors in the space tend to leave a foul taste in many hiring managers’ mouths, and I want to exemplify how external recruiters can excel a team’s growth in a cost-effective way.

What is your biggest hope for the recruiting industry over the next 10 years

Owning your own data. The recruiting industry has a huge problem with people buying and selling data, big name job websites are charging companies for information that is given to them for free.

What is the hardest thing about recruiting? 

The hardest thing about recruiting is I can’t help everyone, sometimes I have outstanding candidates but I just don’t have the right role for them open when they are looking.