Meet Marcus Birkholz

Engineering Recruiter

Meet Marcus, a two-year veteran in the world of engineering recruitment. With an innate affinity for connecting with new individuals and a passion for continuous learning, Marcus has cultivated a reputation for his vibrant personality and genuine kindness. His journey as a recruiter not only embodies his love for forging connections but also reflects his commitment to personal and professional growth.

“I hold myself, and my hiring managers accountable to ensure the candidates we work with have a desirable experience during the vetting and interview process.

Out of the office, art is very important to me. I’ve always loved expressing myself through traditional media and using my hands to make something unique. Nothing beats putting pen to paper and letting the creative juices flow. Its important to take care of your body as well as your mind in order to stay razer sharp and be your best.”


What are some tips you can give to people looking for jobs?

Stay diligent, be vocal, and be yourself.

Nowadays, companies are looking for technical expertise AND communication skills. Your cadence, the way in which you speak and communicate with others, is often the penultimate skill that differentiates you from everyone else.

When writing your resume, make sure you give context to the sort of technologies you’re using.

  • WHAT are you doing with React.js?
  • WHAT tools are you leveraging in AWS?
  • HOW are you processing large data sets?

If you can’t easily summarize how you’re using tools and technologies hands-on, hiring teams and recruiters will find someone who can.

Is there anything you want candidates to know?

Speaking effectively and clearly to hands-on experience


What are some tips you can give to companies looking to hire?

I can’t understand how companies can afford to waste their recruiter’s or candidate’s time. Interview processes need to be cut and dry and take a MAXIMUM of two weeks to complete. 
When passing on candidates at any time during the process, be respectful and provide feedback to both your hiring teams (internal and external) AS WELL AS the candidate. What’s the point in finding people who communicate well if you abstain from that principle yourself?

What companies make you really excited?

SaaS, Travel, and Healthcare companies. Significant demand and always growing..


What are your strongest skills when it comes to being a Recruiter?

Communication is key. My ability to connect with and understand someone’s wants and needs is what makes me a cut above the rest. People are people, not numbers. Treating candidates with the respect they deserve is an important and often overlooked facet during the hiring phase.

What is the biggest myth about recruiting you want to bust the bubble on?

There is no standard on hiring processes. Startups often have the most desirable process whereas larger companies have too many hoops to jump through often at the expense of those interested in joining the team.

What is your biggest hope for the recruiting industry over the next 10 years

The focus shifts to prioritize candidate availability and experience.

What is the hardest thing about recruiting? 

Staying motivated and invested during times of uncertainty.