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Imagine recruiters designing a recruiting platform… That’s Talentpair! You get:

  • A free ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
  • Free Professional Branding
  • A Free Job Board
  • A marketplace that gives you access to additional jobs for your candidates and additional candidates for your jobs
  • An AI engine that will help you pair candidates to jobs
  • Meritocracy based awards and recognition
  • Free invoicing and collections aligned with your recruiting brand
  • Smart Contracts that ensure each recruiter gets paid accordingly to the quality of their work within the marketplace
  • Collaboration with other certified recruiters aligned to vertical
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“Talentpair’s platform is so easy to use for recruiting — it takes out all the busy work and I help way more highly aligned candidates get hired at the best tech companies.”

Christina Aldazabal

Sr. Executive Recruiter,
Quest Groups

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