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Turn everyone into your recruiter in the Talentpair Hiring Community.


Dedicated Growth Partners using AI so you get hired–faster.

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Talentpair Launched

Founded in 2014 and brought to market in 2020, we believe everyone has talent and that Talentpair can multiply it in the world's largest hiring community.


AI Matches Candidates in Minutes

Trained on over 5B proprietary hiring data points, Talentpair AI matches candidates with jobs in minutes and connects them with professional Growth Partners to help them get hired.


Hundreds of Startup and Tech Jobs

We're partnered with startups and hypergrowth companies that are thriving in our hiring community


+3K Number of Hires Since 2017

Talentpair supports hiring at the highest level, coupling AI with Growth Partners, so tech companies can scale, build, and flourish!

What Our Partners Have to Say

Douglas Hanks

Director, Recruiting Strategy – DISCO

“They outperformed some of the biggest names in recruiting by a factor of four. Talentpair sets apart from a crowded field.”

Stephanie Freeman

Director, Talent Acquisition – Niche

“Talentpair not only produced top candidates but you can really tell they are truly invested in finding the right fit for us and the candidate.”

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