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Talentpair turns the opaque hiring process into a transparent, collaborative and highly successful process. Help your portfolio companies get the hires they need with a complete cloud hiring platform that goes from job posting to candidate marketplace, applicant tracking and collaboration to AI Co-pilot. Your portfolio companies will have the tools that they need to get the best candidates so they can grow as fast as they need to. 
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Did you know?

Talentpair was used to make hires for 15 of the top 20 VCs in the U.S.?
That represents over 360 hires for their portfolio companies.

How Talentpair Helps You

Hire Quickly

  • Reduce candidate sourcing time by 90%.
  • Go from posting to onboarding in under 30 days.

Hire Effectively

  • Find the best candidates, not just the ones your retained recruiter is aware of.
  • Have visibility into the hiring process at all stages.

Hire Predictably and Economically 

  • Curb contingency overspending with stabilized, standard recruiting spend.

Say you hire 10 people with Talentpair in 6 months time, that would be $60k in recruiting costs. Add in the Subscription fees for that time, $24K, and now you have a grand total of $84K for 10 hires.
Want to forecast and control your hiring spend? Check out our Pricing Table and see how much you can save.

What Talentpair Offers

Discover Entrepreneurs

Finding the best ideas and winning teams can be challenging. However, with Talentpair, entrepreneurs can effortlessly showcase their pitch deck and get the exposure they deserve. Talentpair’s advanced AI technology ensures that the perfect match is found based on your specific criteria. Experience the seamless process of discovering talent and unlocking opportunities!

Customized Job Boards

Provide your portfolio companies with complimentary custom job boards to attract organic AI-vetted traffic. Founders are often occupied, but you can save them valuable time by offering a Smart Job board that filters out unsuitable applicants before they even reach their sight. Efficiently manage all your portfolio companies with a centralized VC job board hosted on your website.

RIF Support

While reducing employee headcount is never desirable, it is sometimes unavoidable. In such cases, it is crucial to consider the impact on your company’s brand. Talentpair offers founders a sense of reassurance by providing support to affected employees Talentpair’s referral program. Additionally, founders are rewarded for successful referrals resulting in new hires.

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