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Talentpair is the hiring marketplace where candidates and hiring managers come together.

What you want to know

8000 +

Number of hires since 2016


Most users pair with jobs in under 24 hours


Get hired in an average of 16 days

91 %

91% of users apply for their suggested jobs

How Talentpair works for candidates

Upload your resume

Talentpair organizes your skills & interests in seconds, then sends you personalized job opportunities.

Review your job matches

Talentpair brings job pairs to you. Pair with the jobs you're interested in, pass on the ones you aren’t.

Get hired

When there's a match, your Growth Partner will facilitate the hiring process as your ally.

Benefits you'll love

Never search for a job again

Talentpair’s advanced AI automatically sends jobs for you to review based on skills, interests, and what you’re looking for. That means, Talentpair brings jobs to you.

All of your job pairs are accessible from your candidate homepage; thumbs up interesting jobs, and thumbs down jobs that aren’t a right fit.


Feedback improves your pairs

Most candidates start receiving jobs to review within 24 hours of signing up.

Your feedback improves Talentpair’s AI. If a job isn’t a good match, simply pass and future pairs are closer aligned to your preferences.


Your very own Growth Partner

Each candidate is matched with an expert Growth Partner who helps through every stage of the hiring process.

Your Growth Partner manages the hiring process including setting up interviews, negotiating pay, and more.


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