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Talentpair is designed for recruiters, by recruiters. Hiring at Talentpair is a science, but it also takes art, salesmanship, good employer, branding, and awareness. Talentpair allows hiring teams to be plugged into the hiring marketplace while telling your company story and branding your company to passive candidates. They give their clients access to one or multiple growth partners; only vetted and interested candidates make it to the hiring teams to review. Companies can add as many jobs or hiring managers as they want. Then they work to get them aligned with the proper recruiters.

Talentpair is an AI-driven applicant tracking system. So what does that mean for you? It signifies that Talentpair’s AI and Recruiters vet and categorize candidates for you, leaving you to view candidates that are qualified and interested in your roles.

Talentpair works in multiple industries, such as; Sales, Product Management, Marketing, Food and Beverage, Human Resources, and more! Each Talentpair Recruiter is an expert in their field of work.

Talentpair works with companies of all sizes. The companies Talentpair works with range from 30 employees to 20,000. They help scale all businesses, regardless of their size!

Talentpair works with various funding types from Bootstrapped, Seed, Series A-H, Private Equity, and Public. They find top talent to grow each company quickly and efficiently.

Talentpair’s candidates come from all over! Their Recruiters connect with new talent daily and share job postings. Talentpair’s public job board also drives new candidates daily to apply for jobs on the platform. Lastly, their candidates are referred from other candidates! No, seriously, Talentpair’s candidates have such a great experience; they refer people they know to the platform.

Talentpair believes that each individual has a right to their data ownership. Therefore, candidates are the only ones who can sign themselves up for Talentpair. You can send your job board URL to candidates you are interested in that are off the platform, and they can apply.

Talentpair takes great care when assessing and vetting candidates. Talentpair’s Recruiters deeply examine each candidate’s experiences, strengths, preferences, and desired career growth to confirm that a candidate is a technical and cultural fit for your company.

When you post and activate a job, it signals to Talentpair’s AI and Recruiters that you want to see candidates for this job, and that is when their pricing structure comes into play. Click here to jump to Talentpair’s pricing table to see updated pricing for different levels of partnerships.

Awesome question! Whether you’re only looking to hire for one position or 100, you can post as many jobs as you want. Talentpair does encourage you to chat with your Recruiters to communicate which roles are high priority versus those you might be passively hiring for.

Of course! Talentpair understands that if you’re posting a job, your goal is to hire. Depending on the type of Partnership you have chosen with Talentpair, they vet candidates through other platforms. Talentpair provides easy-apply links to each role through Talentpair – keeping your hiring pipeline in one easy-to-manage simplified platform.

In short, there is no limit to how many candidates can apply for your job. Talentpair’s AI and Recruiters vet every candidate that applies to your role to ensure that the candidates presented are qualified and relevant to your preferences and needs. So you may not see an overabundance of candidates yourself, but your Recruiters are working hard behind the scenes to ensure you are seeing the best fit for every role.

Talentpair integrates with Slack and Greenhouse, which helps blend Talentpair into your current hiring process easily. You must have a signed fee agreement to access Talentpair’s third-party integrations.

Currently, Quest Groups is Talentpair’s only recruiting firm. They are on a mission to transform the recruiting industry, which means helping other recruiting firms evolve as well! In the future, Talentpair will be inviting other firms to join. If you are interested in having your firm on Talentpair they would love to connect with you and help you grow as they grow!

At Talentpair, they believe in the truth equation. Talentpair is transparent by participating within its ecosystem with thoughts, feelings, and easily perceived motives. Talentpair is inclusive by aiming to provide equal access to opportunities and involvement for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized. Talentpair is equitable by dealing fairly and equally with all actors throughout their participation in Talentpair. By participating in these ways, Talentpair creates a sustainable, trusted, and inclusive talent ecosystem that is able to be maintained, upheld, and defended.

With over 25 years of recruiting experience at Quest Groups, we saw the need to change the industry for good, Talentpair was born to offer ATS software, powered by AI that connects Recruiters, Companies, and Candidates, driving transparency, speed and collaboration for all users.

I know it can be tricky! Talentpair’s Recruiters were originally Quest Groups recruiters. All recruiters undergo a certification program to establish a standardized and white-glove recruiting process for companies and candidates alike. Talentpair powers its recruiters to transform the recruiting world to create a superior experience for all actors involved. Talentpair is now open to elite recruiters who want to join the mission of transforming the industry.