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Talentpair does its best to make this process as quick as possible for everyone involved, but sometimes it can take a little bit of time depending on a few different variables. Whether you’re waiting on initial job matches, an update on a role you’re actively interviewing for, or anything in between, Talentpair highly recommends completing the desired next role section in your Candidate Profile. Also, if you haven’t already, check out more open roles on Talentpair’s Public Job Board.

A Recruiter will review your profile and if they think you are a match then you will see the job in your Active tab. At that point, you will be able to message them with questions about the role.

It can take anywhere from instantly to 24 hours for your profile to match with jobs depending on how the jobs have been set up.If Talentpair has jobs that are matches, they can be auto-sent to you for review. Also, a recruiter on a job can send you roles. Talentpair recommends checking out the Public Job Board. Once you apply, recruiters on the job will review your profile.

If you want feedback or help with your resume, you can reach out to a recruiter who is helping with one of your jobs, or, THIS is a good resource for formatting your resume.

Talentpair does not share information with employers until you indicate interest in the job. If you go to your profile icon on the top right > click candidate profile > preview tab> this is how employers will see your profile.

Talentpair currently does not have the ability to upload resumes specific to each job. If you want to send your Recruiter a resume for a specific job then they can have it sent to the hiring managers for the role. Talentpair does recommend uploading the best version of your resume to make your profile complete.

Go to your profile icon on the top right > click candidate profile > this will bring you to update/edit your profile. You will see the areas that are marked as incomplete.

Go to the profile icon on the top right > candidate profile > scroll all the way down to the ‘upload resume’ button. Once you do that, If you go to your profile icon on the top right > candidate profile > you can see the attached resume there.

  1. Click on your Profile Icon (top right)
  2. Go to Settings Tab
  3. Got to Your Account section > Click on ‘Pencil’ icon 
  4. Select ‘Permanently delete my account”

Go to the top right > click your profile icon > select candidate profile from the drop-down menu > you can edit your skills here.

Once your profile is set up you’ll start to receive job matches from Recruiters. Thumbs up roles you are interested in. Alternatively, you can apply to roles through our Job Board. Those applications will be reviewed by a recruiter. After you thumbs up a role you are interested in, a recruiter will submit your profile to the job’s Hiring Manager.

If your profile is not complete there will be an incomplete icon next to the sections you need to finish and an alert at the top of your profile page. Adding notes to the desired next role section will help Recruiters make better matches for you. Go to the icon on the top right of the page > click candidate profile > desired next role tab.

If your current location does not show up please add “International” as your location.